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At Blue Fox Recruit we see recruitment as the bringing together of two parties and our role is to act as the intermediary and make sure this happens smoothly and amicably.

It is vital to the recruitment process that both the Recruiter and the Candidate are held in equal esteem as both equally contribute to the recruitment process and its eventual success or failure.

Our main ethos is to work with employers to give them the best talent in the market place and to make sure that the candidates find the right employer who will appreciate and value their talent. Simply we perceive the relationship between the employer and employee as being symbiotic in nature.

Interested in a role?

If you have a seen a role advertised please do not hesitate to put your application forward. Simply apply for it on the job board where you saw the advertisement and your application will be reviewed by the Blue Fox Recruitment specialist assigned to this account or directly by the Company hiring representative.

Not seen a role this time?

Don’t worry if you have not seen the perfect role for yourself this time. Please feel free to send us your CV directly and we will add you to our talent pool and get in touch.

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