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World of Online Recruitment


Types of Online Recruitment

There are various types of Online Recruitment in the Market place and these are constantly changing and evolving as the behaviour of job seekers changes. Fortunately there are three main sources that job seekers use Online:

Search Engines - The vast majority of jobseekers in the market will make use of search engines. The common ones being Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Jobseekers will simply enter in the type of job and their desired geographical location and jobs with the most relevant results will appear. Sadly, to get your job noticed you will have had to match the key terms the jobseeker had used or paid a premium in advertising to get your job noticed.

Careers sites & Job Boards - Naturally some jobseekers will want to work for certain Companies. Every Market has a leader and these Companies are usually the most desirable. If you are interested in the motor Industry Companies such as BMW, Ford and Vauxhall will have more draw than some of the lesser known manufacturers. As such due to their Market pull and image their Corporate websites generate thousands of applications.

Over the last 10 years job boards have risen in number. Here Employers can advertise roles and jobseekers have one central resource to browse for jobs. There are now thousands of job boards out there and it is now a mindfield to make sure your role is placed on the most suitable for your Industry and to ensure that you attract the most desirable skilled candidates for your role.

Social Media - More and more jobseekers are following their favourite companies on twitter, face book and linked in; enabling companies to promote their vacancies direct to the jobseeker creating instant awareness. Linkedin in the last 5 years has grown considerable and is seen as a major source to get the word out to the market place that you have a role available.

Challenges Faced

Given the scale of the Market place and the numerous sources available to jobseekers it is VITAL that you work with a Company with a proven track record in Online Recruitment. The main challenges faced tend to be: 

  • Where to advertise?

With tens of thousands of job boards, recruitment websites out there all competing for your Business the most important decision is to make sure you get “bang for your buck” and your advert to the right audience. There is no point in advertising on a job board that attracts predominantly Human Resource staff if you are trying to recruit for a Junior software programmer. From a wealth of experience Blue Fox Recruiters know which job boards are best placed to return maximum gain for your advertisement.

  • Quality of the Advert ‘Your window to the Jobseeker’

With thousands of jobs in the Market place and hundreds of Companies advertising it is important that your advert stands out. Your advert needs to highlight what the role you are recruiting for, who your Company is and needs to be written in such a way that it stands out and attracts interest.

At Blue Fox Recruit we have the necessary experience to make sure that your advert does this and work with you to make sure that your advert portrays your Company in a positive light to the World.

It is important to remember that your job advert will not only serve to market your advert to potential candidates for your current advertised role but further can also sadly put off future candidates for applying for future roles at your Company if done badly.

  • Managing Responses

Having placed a well-written advert online one thing is certain. Volume of applications is an other matter. Given the current economic climate, the fact that the majority of the population has access to online within no time the number of applications received will soon fill the mightiest of mailboxes. It is vital that not only jobseekers receive responses in a swift manner but also that the most suitable candidates are filtered from the masses.

By using Blue Fox Recruit , a flat fee recruitment provider, you can advertise your role across a multitude of Industry specific job boards ensuring that your advert is seen by a large number of relevant job seekers whilst also ensuring that all applicants are filtered; thus ensuring you get the right candidate for your role. Blue Fox Recruit will save you both time and money and also give perspective candidates a favourable impression of your company. Located in Hertfordshire and being a local recruitment agency in Hertfordshire, Blue Fox Recruit has national reach and works with companies all over the UK.

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